Born in Indiana, the author is a 1979 graduate of Indiana University with a dual major
in political science and economics.  She graduated in 1982 from the University of
Wisconsin Law School.  Since then, she has taken courses in other areas of interest,
including courses in video and audio production.

After working in other positions, she established a private practice. In that capacity,
for years the author worked closely with hospitals and nursing homes in Milwaukee,
Presently, she lives on a small farm in Indiana with her husband and practices law in that
state.  She enjoys gardening, home improvement, traveling, reading and writing.  

Drawing from her past as an attorney for hospitals and nursing homes, under the pen
name Terri Kay, she is the author of the murder mystery series,
A Promise of Revenge
.  Set in the Midwest, the series combines medical and legal subplots as it follows two
lovers and their families as key characters face tough questions, and react surprisingly.  
Repeatedly, the characters must decide what each would be willing to do for a family
member, and what each would do if he believed that he wouldn't be caught.  

The first book in this series,
A Promise of Revenge (The Death of Javier), was
completed in December 2003.  A second book,
The Secret at St. Sans was published
in October 2004.
 The series,
A Promise of Revenge, will continue with “More than Guilty.”   Other books are in
the works.
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