February 23, 2024
From the Desk of Terri Kay, Author

Dear Readers:

I’m sure some may be wondering, “Whatever happened to Terri Kay’s book #3?” The short answer is life and money. Some day, I will have to account to God for all the things that I have done in my life. Or that I have failed to do. I hope to complete that book, God willing, and update my web page then.

In 2023, Sonia Davis, a wonderful friend whom I have know since childhood, reached her spiritual hand out to me in a special way. In early 2024, she reached out again to include me in what will be my first book events in many years.

Almost two decades ago, I took time off from work to promote my two published books, A Promise of Revenge: The Death of Javier and The Secret at St. Sans. I thought that I would travel and mingle with folks and do other enjoyable things. I got started on this childhood dream of being a traveling author. That chapter in my life didn’t last long. Other life chapters awaited.

God knew that my services would be needed elsewhere. He also knew that I need to learn some things.

There are people to whom words flow easily. There are some whose troubles stop that flow. I fell into this latter group. For me, a heavy heart nearly put out my fire for writing. For years, I served as a driver, a hand holder, and a “git-r-doner” for several member of my family who faced catastrophic and chronic illnesses and troubles. I served my family by being at the hospital, and by taking the ill and infirm to medical and therapy appointments, sometimes hundreds of miles away. On several occasions, my husband was hospitalized for life threatening events.

Since certain types of employment were out of the question*, I served my family, friends and community by growing fruits, vegetables and flowers. I raised chickens, sharing the eggs and meat. From time to time, I worked in the RV industry and at a local big box store. I had to walk away from paid employment at times to meet family and other needs.

Along with the bitter and sad times of saying goodbye to loved ones, I had the joy of precious time alone with key people in my life. What you learn in those sickroom chats and contacts will change your life forever.

Working in the RV industry and at the store, I had a chance to laugh like I never had before. I had the blessing of physical fitness-climbing steps, ladders and walking literally miles in a day works wonders on the flabby parts.

Throughout it all, I had the pleasure of meeting and becoming friends with some of the nicest people. From nurses to nursery workers, from drivers to doctors, many good people came into my life and I am grateful to and for them all.

I gained a greater appreciation for times when nothing was happening. I grew in my trust in Him, and still marvel at his blessings, his kindness, his provision and his grace when I had no answers, I could not see, and lacked comprehension of his greater plans. Most important of all, I learned to let go of my tight grip on things in life, to walk closer, to hold on tighter to Him, laugh with his joy, and to let Him carry me. He is faithful.

My husband Ray is still alive. God willing, we are heading towards our 44th year of being together, and 42nd year of marriage. His younger version appears on the front cover of The Secret at St. Sans. My old life story and picture are on the back. Time has flown!

Life’s storms and struggles are still here. Some days, I am up. Some days, I am down. Based on Matthew 8:23 - 27, and other boat experiences that the disciples had with Jesus, I came up with a little reminder, to reassure myself and to stay focused on Jesus.

Jesus was in the boat and the water was a churning,

I’m still here, and I’m still learning.

Writing a book is a challenge. Paying for it and promoting it are something else. I ask for your prayers and support that the books that are within me be allowed to flow, and that I might be allowed to entertain you again. Thank you.

Terri Kay

*When you need your lawyer, you don’t need to hear that she can’t tell you when she can get back to you.